I wish we had elastic walls.

The space we’d have is plenty.

No clutter everywhere I look,

Perhaps a guest room, sometimes empty.

I wish we had elastic walls,

I’d love to have a craft space.

No projects piled underfoot,

No projects piled out of place.

We haven’t got elastic walls.

Our house is bursting at the seams.

Clutter piled everywhere.

It’s even piled in my dreams…

Work for man…

The lounge is messy,

no kitchen gleams.

Lazy is ok,

it seems.

No help is offered,

She gets no pay.

Ain’t tidying up.

Not today.

Actions speak louder than words…

You keep saying that you love me,

but I don’t want to hear those words from you…  


I want to feel them. 


Sex for one…


You say you don’t touch me because you’re lazy.

You aren’t lazy.

I just don’t think I turn you on.

Bless this mess…

Today I left some dishes dirty,images (6)

the bed got made around two-thirty.

The washing from the day before

is staring at me from the floor.

For shame o lazy one you say,

and just what did you do today?


What did I do today, you ask?


Not much that shows, I guess thats right,23395_510822352315549_1214165891_n

but I was busy all day, and half the night.

Visitors came, and visitors went,

All well satisfied with the money they spent.

I was run off my feet,  not once did I blob,

I don’t work as a maid!  I sell for a job!

A pile of cash now sits in the tin,

So clean up yourself, or bear it and grin.

Nose candy .

Tears fall from my eyes and my nose feels like it was on fire.  I love the sting.  I crave the sting.

I need to tidy up the kitchen – put all the dishes away & wipe the cupboards out.  Hell, I might as well wipe the fridge out as well.   I’m full of energy and I make my way to the kitchen (sublime blaring from the sterio)   I start dancing my way thru the cleaning. . .

images (6) Abracadabra,  my kitchen is sparkling .