Leather and lace…

He is as soft and deep

as he is hard and cold.

A complex man.

He rides at the front,

proudly leading his brothers.

The death head he wears

is a force to be reckoned with.

The world panders to his title.

His power.

His absolute power.

His absolute power corrupts…

He is hard and scary.

He is warm and cuddly.

He came to me for a reason.

And a season.

But not a lifetime.






Word to the wise…

Pet hate:  


No-one has the right to talk down to others.

Pull your head in and remember:

Only a fool upsets the person who is serving their food.

The lack of us…

Where is the effort you promised?

Where is the regret you expressed?

Where is the love you declared?


I see nothing that encourages me.

I hear empty words being spoken.

I feel bitterness growing in my heart.


Is this your idea of togetherness?

Am I supposed to settle for less than to be happy?

Should we not let go of what is already gone?

Pulling myself together…


…And so begins a new day.

A day to hold my head high, and thus rescue my pride.

A day to busy my hands, in the hope that my thoughts will busy themselves too.

A day to surround myself with smoke, a coping mechanism.


Time to get high…

images (6)I’m not numb anymore.


Screw you!

images (6)Eating chocolate

and watching porn,

without you.


across my bed,

without you.

Feeling playful

and getting horny,

without you.

Letting go

and getting off,

without you.

Turn the light off

and snuggle down,

without you.

I miss you.