Insecure Me…

It’s an insecure evening,

why aren’t you answering your phone?

My imagination’s wild,

it’s got a mind all of its own.

Yesterday was warm with love,

tonight I’m frozen out.

Every time we get too close,

you fuel my self doubt.

It’s an insecure evening,

I need to know that you still care…

Just acknowledge that I called you,

cos your silence is unfair.

Chopped liver…

Chopped liver isn’t happy,

chopped liver isn’t thrilled…

It was meant to be a good time,

enjoyment unfulfilled.

Conversation wasn’t given,

no offer of a beer…

You offered me your company,

but you were clearly insincere.











The wallflower prepares

for a night on the town.

He’s slow picking her up,

but quick standing her down.

She watches the fun

from her place in the shade,

he ignores her all night,

she becomes more dismayed.

Why does he invite her

to be at his side?

It’s clear to all there

she’s just along for the ride…