Insecure seeds…

I’m feeling insignificant,

a loving word is all I need.

He’s far to hard to give me that,

And my insecurities breed…

Over-thinking holds me hostage,

there’s no mercy on myself.

A loving word from him is all I need,

To soothe my mental health.



Monday (hindsight)



Nothing to show.

A house half vaccummed,

half the grass had a mow.

Resented by my teenager,

contempt is coming from my man.

I need to shake my focus,

and have faith in who I am.






Miss Trust…

Insecurity rears it’s ugly head,

taunting me with doubt…

The thinking sends me backwards,

my trust turns inside out.

Past loves echo through my head,

I’ve been fooled and hurt before.

I need you to reassure me.

Reassure me, just once more…




Insecure Me…

It’s an insecure evening,

why aren’t you answering your phone?

My imagination’s wild,

it’s got a mind all of its own.

Yesterday was warm with love,

tonight I’m frozen out.

Every time we get too close,

you fuel my self doubt.

It’s an insecure evening,

I need to know that you still care…

Just acknowledge that I called you,

cos your silence is unfair.