Bloody Mary…

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

how does your nose not grow?42248-All-Lies

It’s fabrications you tell,

plain deceit that you sell…

Truth always comes out,

don’t you know…







Fooling around…

Something’s wrong,

I sense your guilt.

It’s weakening

the strength we’ve built.

You’ve got my love,

you’ve got my heart,

don’t think to fool me,

I’m fairly smart.

Give me truth,

don’t tell a lie…

I’ll have no choice

except goodbye.



We are not “us”…

I dropped a question by surprise

and worry flickered in your eye’s 

 as you quickly thought up liesliar

to back up other past denies.



You’re fooled to think I’m none the wise,

that I’d ignore instinctive cries.

The you I loved I now despise,

Dishonest words brought our demise.