Mood swinging…



An emotional pendulum.

Swings high, and low.

A back and forth rhythm,

has a turbulent flow.

You hear musical laughter,

til a breeze rocks the boat…

And in the blink of an eye,

she’ll rip out your throat.




It’s the end of an era,

in more ways than one.

A career,   a companion,

added up, equals none.


I’m sitting alone,

while you snore in my bed.

Next time I crave conversation,

I’ll phone a chatline instead.






Foot in mouth…

Foot in mouth disease.

I tend to catch it with ease.

Once again I’ve been taught

to shut up til I’ve thought.

on this subject,

I’ve some expertise.







Rock bottom…

The view from rock bottom is grey,

there’s no difference between nighttime and day.

To get out means digging your way,

Or do nothing, and there you will stay.







The vibe is clear.

Suddenly you’re insincere

I’m sensing an unfriendly air.

I find it hard to persevere,

I feel no longer wanted there.

I’ll pay the dues to make things square,

then quietly I’ll disappear.