Running hot, running cold

keeping me in line.

Ignore me when I speak against,

how dare I undermine…

Days go by with nights alone,

my heart begins to pine…

But I know that underneath it all,

you’ve never thought you’re mine.

I face the facts and let you go,

you see that as the sign,

to turn up full of charm and love,

as though everything is fine.





Once a gain…

Keep me waiting

once again

I’ll take my place in line.

No rush for my sake

once again

priority isn’t mine.

Awkward silence

once again

We’ve got no words to share.

trodden eggshells

once again

constant tension in our air.




Better late than never…

Hickory dickory dock

Your love was all a crock.

You’ve had your fun,

now we’re dusted and done.

Hickory dickory dock.


Huckory duckory dick.

You really are a prick.

I’ve dumped you for good,

like I long ago should.

Huckory, duckory dick.


How did I become his enemy?

A soft word is a thing of the past.

Dislike oozes when he looks at me.

when did I become his enemy?


How did he lose his love for me?

A caring touch no longer comes.

Disinterest rings when he speaks to me.

When did he lose his love for me?


How did he stop wanting me?

We’ve had so many good times.

Now he can’t even look at me.

When did he stop wanting me?