Mary Christmas

My ex husband joined me for a beer

to wish me luck and christmas cheer.

My very first with neither child

No pretty tree with presents piled.

I wipe the tears out of my eye

and roll a smoke to lift me high.




A long day…


Wide awake, mind buzzing.

Thoughts in every direction.

Can’t sit still, can’t lie straight.

Watching hours pass by.

Shadow monkeys play loudly.

Out my window, in the moonlight.

Bedtime nags me to get closer.

I need help to relax.

Mary-Jane blows me over.

I can finally sleep.

Untied the knot…

Having a beer with my X-husband.

The father of my daughters.


Good times.  Bad times.

The knot we tied is far behind us.

The spark is long gone.

Friendship is delicate,

but as our creation beams up at us

with a smile, more precious than gold…

Our efforts double

determined to get along like houses on fire

for our beloved offspring.


The inevitable…


Sometimes, doing business together is the only thing you have left.

You can kid yourself otherwise

But the fact remains the same…

You don’t want to spend time together anymore…

The feeling is mutual.

Time to get high…

images (6)I’m not numb anymore.


Screw you!

images (6)Eating chocolate

and watching porn,

without you.


across my bed,

without you.

Feeling playful

and getting horny,

without you.

Letting go

and getting off,

without you.

Turn the light off

and snuggle down,

without you.

I miss you.

I might be rude, but my manners are not.

I’m high as a kite and can’t stay on track.

There’s so much I could be doing, and I’m trying to do it all…

Sidetracked again…

A trail of mess behind me.

The fire is roaring,  and I’m shedding more and more clothes.

The view is great from up here on the ceiling…

Bouncing around in circles,  floating, flying, twirling.

Eyes watching me from the wall.

Mary-Jane calls me to sit down with her, to sit and twist…

I would be rude not to.

And would I like fries with my order?

Why yes, yes I would.

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