HindsightAm I lost?

Or am I hiding?…

I don’t know where I’ve gone.

How did I lose the Me I know?

Why did it all go wrong?

I sit alone in silence,

staring blankly through the night.

I try to find my way, by looking back,

the path is clear, through life,

in hindsight.



Noise control…

Thoughts are deep,

with Mary-Jane.

Silent noise

could wake the dead..



Our tension lingers

in the air,

while Grand central station

is visiting.



I’m stuck inside myself.

Distant and sad.

Caught up in the hurt

of loss.


Rush hour ends.

Deep breaths.

Beer o’clock

Drained emotions.


In bed with Mary,

Smoking mellow habit.

Sadness easing.

Time for sleep.


Swing high…

I like to go swinging

at the drop of a hat,

flying high through the air

I’m a shed acrobat.


Mary-Jane joins me

we blow smoke to the sky

I like to go swinging

Late at night, getting high.

Twist my rubber arm..

images (6)Te Puke and I laugh wisely together

thinking on similar lines.

Sitting stoned on the couch, long after my friend is gone..

Alone here with Mary-Jane, and a glaze in my eye.


Puff puff,  toke…


My day becomes brighter, and the pleasant numb feeling relaxes my soul.

A friend with weed, is a friend indeed.