Solitary partnership.

That sums up what we’ve got.

One worded conversations

is our exciting lot.

You fall asleep

when we’re alone,

I feel like such a bore.

An hour in my company

sure looks like it’s a chore.

I want to go on picnics

and maybe a beach stroll.

I’d love a simple

board game,

but that’s not how we roll.

A solitary partnership

is the relationship we’ve got.

We sit silently for hours,

and yawn,

more often, than not.




One side ride…

A one sided visit

from a one sided man,

with a one sided dinner

as the one sided plan.

One sided business,

then some one sided pleasure,

throw in one sided snoring

for one sided good measure.






Four hours of freedom…

52nd Anniversary dinner.images (6)

Girlfriends invited…


Riding the wind with my arms wrapped around you.

Good food compliments good company.

The clock calls out that my time is up.

Getting my knees in the breeze always makes me smile.

All the better to eat you with...

What big eyes you have…

I knew you’d have me home on time.

What a guy…