Rhythm and Blues…


I’ve lost my rhyme.

The poetry doesn’t flow from my thoughts anymore.

I don’t know why.

I’ve lost my whistle.

There’s only silence from my lips these days.

I don’t know why.

I’ve lost my hum.

No songs are playing in the background my mind…

I don’t know why.




Goodbyes and highs…


The sun came out this morning,

it was shining from my eyes.

I woke, anticipating,

a fat pocket full of highs.

I’m gonna numb out all the sadness,

I’ll fill my world up with false light.

Ignoring those who judge me…

cos unbroken hearts don’t have that right…


Wasted Monday…

Puffing the day away.

Songs out of tune.

Head in the clouds.

A high afternoon.

Dance around solo.

Skip to no beat.

Wasting the moment.

Smoking a treat.







Our tension lingers

in the air,

while Grand central station

is visiting.



I’m stuck¬†inside myself.

Distant and sad.

Caught up in the hurt

of loss.


Rush hour ends.

Deep breaths.

Beer o’clock

Drained emotions.


In bed with Mary,

Smoking mellow habit.

Sadness easing.

Time for sleep.


Don’t mind my business…


I struggle some days.

My burdens are heavy,

and I struggle.

Some days I just want to be numb.

Who has the right to judge how I cope?

Bottled up…

I bottle my pain

to keep it all for myself.

Deep inside its contained

locked away on a shelf.

I sedate it with vices

any numb I can find.

I can block out my heart

but i can’t still my mind…