Out of line…

He blew my nose

and made me cry,

the pain, sharply exquisite.

The day surrendered

to the night,

unmindful of his visit.

Minutes raced and hours flew,

while time was standing still,

we laughed and talked,

and circle walked,

and lined another thrill.







Once up on a time…

We sit here together

our bodies well fed.

No words being spoken,

nil needs to be said.

The silence is peaceful,

there’s a calm in the air,

I’m content to be with you,

I like the time that we share.







If you snooze you lose…

You visit me and fall asleep,

whose company is mine to keep?

Our conversation doesn’t flow.

How are we supposed to grow?

Your free time’s spent at other places,

your world is full of other faces.

I want somebodys life to share,

to fill my bed with more than air.

Your napping habits don’t amuse.

Don’t you know

if you snooze, you lose?