Old friends…

Red wine & smoking,

a mellow night with my friend.

Memory lane stalking,

with a Mary-Jane blend.


Santa Flaws…

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Christmas equals stress for some

“I want, I want” sucks all the fun

Impossible to please each one

Spent all your cash, now left with none

The price of making Santa come

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…

Anonymous poison…

Come out in the open

say your name if you’re right

Show your face as you poison

Speak your words in plain sight.


I’ve met all kinds of nasty

You’re all one and the same

I won’t hear what is said

by someone with no name.










You’re out in my girl-cave

quietly tinkering with your bike.

I’m sitting back on my bed

listening to MaryJane’s non-stop chatter

She really does chat a lot.. 

And Relaxation is in the air.

I might be rude, but my manners are not.

I’m high as a kite and can’t stay on track.

There’s so much I could be doing, and I’m trying to do it all…

Sidetracked again…

A trail of mess behind me.

The fire is roaring,  and I’m shedding more and more clothes.

The view is great from up here on the ceiling…

Bouncing around in circles,  floating, flying, twirling.

Eyes watching me from the wall.

Mary-Jane calls me to sit down with her, to sit and twist…

I would be rude not to.

And would I like fries with my order?

Why yes, yes I would.

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My hangover…

The best thing i can do, is have a beer, and a snort.Image