Bad books…

I’m sleeping over,

Iv been run out of home.

It’s the doghouse for me,

My friends spare bed’s on loan.

I can’t shut my mouth,

I have opinions to say.

So I’m back in his bad books,

And sent on my way.



The blessing of true friendship

is what helps me to carry

the weight on my soul.


images (6)Don’t take me for granted.

Don’t ignore me.

Don’t keep me on a shelf.

Don’t think that I need you.

Don’t mistake my love for weakness.

Don’t underestimate my inner strength.

Don’t assume I will always be here.

Money talks…

A chick I know has just turned up on my doorstep – says she’s “broken up with her boyfriend (she says that weekly)  and can she “please Nike a bag to celebrate?”…

I guess now she’ll wish she hadn’t fucked me around those times in the past…  Besides, I told her last time, when I finally tracked her down, that it wouldn’t happen again…   And I meant it.

C.U.N.T !!     Image  Cash up no tick.

You miss me… Like a hole in the head.

You must think I like being ignored…

I can’t go forward with anger at silent treatments, surely you can’t either.  But we love each other.

Don’t we ?

I want your arms, not the mulberry bush.

Around and around and around it goes,

where it stops, nobody knows.

You don’t miss me.Image