Old friends…

Red wine & smoking,

a mellow night with my friend.

Memory lane stalking,

with a Mary-Jane blend.


On the run…

The Angel digs his heels in,

and runs off with his brothers.

Left behind, I do not mind,

This time away from others.

My temper’s blown over.

The air is calm and clear.

When the Angel’s finished running,

he’ll come home,

and I’ll be here.

Mellow moments…

A peaceful companion

I find in myself.

Today’s woes are slipping away.

Smoke drifts through the air.

A forgotten warm beer.

Mary-Jane takes her place,

centre stage.






It’s been a good day

filled with quality hours,

friendships and laughter

warms my heart and empowers.

Getting caught up with living,

I forget simple pleasures…

Good friends and cold beers,

are undeniable treasures.       .





A joint effort…

Solitary smoke

floats aimlessly through the room.

A lazy smile dawdles along behind.

Another puff

clears the air,

and peaceful intentions settle inside.

Sleep patiently hovers

close by.




Smoke rings…

I sit up late and smoke alone

recalling happy times I’ve known.

My thoughts kick back in relax zone,

with no proportions over blown.


In musky air from smoke I’ve blown

I surrender to the calm of stone.