A little bit of honesty,

helps trust begin to flow.

Ignorance ain’t always bliss,

My gut knows something I don’t know…

I’m not a jealous person,

but seeds of secrecy will grow.

Thank you for your honesty.

The gift of truth you did bestow.


Last chance…

You’ll “pull up your socks”.

You “don’t want us estranged”.

You’re “fixing your ways”.

The Leopards spots have changed.

You’ll start “showing me love”.

You’ll start “treating me kind”.

You’ll “respect how I feel”

when I’m speaking my mind.

I won’t need to fear

when your temper is burning

One more chance and I’ll see

it’s a new leaf you’re turning.

It’s hard to say no

to the charm in your eye…

“This time will be different”.

This one final last try.