Work for man…

The lounge is messy,

no kitchen gleams.

Lazy is ok,

it seems.

No help is offered,

She gets no pay.

Ain’t tidying up.

Not today.

Word to the wise…

Pet hate:  


No-one has the right to talk down to others.

Pull your head in and remember:

Only a fool upsets the person who is serving their food.

Sex for one…


You say you don’t touch me because you’re lazy.

You aren’t lazy.

I just don’t think I turn you on.

For old times sake?

It’s now been five nights since I heard from you…    images (6)

I want you to visit tonight..

I want you to fuck me,  then go.

I don’t want to cuddle you.

I don’t want to talk to you.

I don’t want to ask important questions.



Random and unheard of. . .

I needed a blog job. . .   You offered your services. . .  You were clean & safe. . .   I don’t even know your name,  all I know is that

You give the best  in Image town