Shy All day…

Shy all day.
For a puff she will stay,

but her company doesn’t come cheap…

She’s vain,

and she’s shallow,

an athletic bedfellow.

She’s all yours,

til yv only got sleep…


Drama Queen…

A guest arrives, oh, just my luck

my visitor is Madam Muck!

She walks red carpet

(in her head)

one ego, truly overfed.

God’s greatest gift is her, she thinks

She’s well convinced her shit don’t stink.

An hour will with ease suffice

for her to show she isn’t nice.

Cos true beauty isn’t pretty skin,

it’s measured from your heart within.

The poster girl from glamour mag,

is really just a glittered hag.


Surrounded by P-eople…

I lay here and smokefc3557cadd22e46bc9298d1db0028308

as I think over things.

One particular person,

the agenda she brings…

She says shes my friend

as she flirts with my man,

She must think that I’m blind,

that I can’t see pretend.

Another female who gets right up my nose,

is a vain little moron

obsessed with her clothes.

She doesn’t know manners,

she’s damn impolite.

Well, Gods gift to the world

wore my temper last night…

I think of the young guy

who visits most days,

He has low self esteem

and closet drug ways.images (6)

He sleeps in the graveyard,

finding comfort within,

thinking thoughts about dying,

and picking his skin.

I lay here and think,

of the folk who come here.

So many annoy me,

so few I hold dear.