Think smart…

And so begins my week of disgrace.

My crime?

Too opinionated.

This is the point where I feel like really

(getting smart)

speaking my opinion.

I guess I’m finally learning

to shut my mouth though.




Sorry again…

You offend.

You say sorry.


Over and over again.

I have let this happen too many times.

Fuck you.

Sorry doesn’t cut it anymore.

Loud and clear…


It’s actually a good thing when I’m telling you how I feel.

It’s when I go silent that you should worry.




My silence means I can’t be bothered anymore.

Walking on eggshells…

One of us gets to choose when we see each other.

One of us doesn’t have to justify anything.images (6)

One of us has the pleasure of being waited on hand and foot.

One of us has sex on tap.

One of us is never wrong.

One of us is always a top priority.

One of us wins an argument with violence.

One of us uses the silent-treatment to punish.

One of us doesn’t realise how close they are to not being one of us anymore.