Bomb shell…

From out of nowhere.

Harmonic destruction.

Stunned silence.

Scattered pieces.

Devastation erupts.

Questions surface.

Anger registers.

Sadness sets in.

Aftershocks ripple.





Think smart…

And so begins my week of disgrace.

My crime?

Too opinionated.

This is the point where I feel like really

(getting smart)

speaking my opinion.

I guess I’m finally learning

to shut my mouth though.




Silence is golden…

I hate it when you’re angry with me.

Nothing I say makes any difference.

Nothing I say is right.

No matter what,

I am wrong.










Our routine…


Just when things are ticking along nicely

You stand me up…

Your silent reply speaks loudly to me…

I guess our latest honeymoon period is over

and it’s back to normal we go,

hi ho, hi ho, hi ho.

Loud and clear…


It’s actually a good thing when I’m telling you how I feel.

It’s when I go silent that you should worry.




My silence means I can’t be bothered anymore.