If you snooze you lose…

You visit me and fall asleep,

whose company is mine to keep?

Our conversation doesn’t flow.

How are we supposed to grow?

Your free time’s spent at other places,

your world is full of other faces.

I want somebodys life to share,

to fill my bed with more than air.

Your napping habits don’t amuse.

Don’t you know

if you snooze, you lose?








Sleep tight…


The wrong side of bed

is where I started today.

I woke up in a grump,

and grumpy I’ve stayed.

I waited all night

for a non-showing guest,

listening out for his car

deprived me of rest.

Now it’s nighttime again

and I’m ready to snore.

Bedtime is here,

I’ve got dreams to explore.










A long day…


Wide awake, mind buzzing.

Thoughts in every direction.

Can’t sit still, can’t lie straight.

Watching hours pass by.

Shadow monkeys play loudly.

Out my window, in the moonlight.

Bedtime nags me to get closer.

I need help to relax.

Mary-Jane blows me over.

I can finally sleep.