Detached from his heart,

I’m floating alone.

Everyone so busy with life,

I’m on my own.

force a smile on my dial,

sympathy is not my style.

I’m left alone.

I can’t help hoping you I’ll hear,

but passing days say you don’t care.

I’m on my own.





Hook, line and sinker…


You are so charming when you want to be.

My determination not to let you back into my heart

has gone out the window.

I was kidding myself to even think I could deny you.

Crab apple jelly, and a snort…

It’s a cold sunny morning here and I’m craving delicious homemade crab-apple jam on toast .

I’ve got a busy day ahead, and the little bag on my dresser waits patiently while I eat…

I’m ready to get cracking now, and my nose tingles with anticipation.

…and UP she goes  ..    Owww    Oww…   OUCH!!

I feel the effect immediately – What a rush!!!

My toes start tapping while my nose runs.

Mimages (6)y head is Crystal clear.

A friend in need…

I sit here again,  in the same seat, facing the same direction, hearing the same t.v, doing the same thing, at the same time, in the same place…  

I’m lonely sometimes.      

I drink my lonely beer, and catch up with a lonely buddy.

We blow lonely smoke rings together…

I feel my thoughts unwinding, and a chill-out coming

“Time for another beer.”   I say.

The silence is filled with my good buddy’s grin,  

and I grin back at my buddy,  Imagemy friend indeed.



I’ve got a smokey smile on.  With thoughts of all, and the feelings to match.

Kicking back on the couch with my feet up.  

Beer and I sit here, together, in peace. Image 

Smiling at nothing much, and not even really listening to whatever the tv has to say.