Once upon a time…

I spoke to my long ago love today.

What a guy…

I saw my long ago love today.

Once the apple of my eye…

I kissed my long ago love today.

Sparks still fly…








Counting my blessings…

images (5)Sometimes I get so busy with life,

That I forget to actually live as well..

Back to basics…

Another night in by myself.images (6)

Mary-Jane and I sit quietly together,

holding hands.

Smoke drifts through the air,

and the room fills with peace.

My body calms, and my thoughts relax, peacefully.

Chocolate calls my name.

My soul sighs with deep relief,

as I head off to bed with a smile.

Mary’s magic mushies, & Me…

Mary-Jane hot boxes my bedroom,images (6)

with Shroom powder sprinkled in…

My mellow smile turns into a super grin.

Fast movements speed past in slow motion.

A blur settles around the edge of my vision.

There’s a good feeling in my stomach

That matches the one in my cheeks.

Another mixed-up-Mary success.



Twist my rubber arm..

images (6)Te Puke and I laugh wisely together

thinking on similar lines.

Sitting stoned on the couch, long after my friend is gone..

Alone here with Mary-Jane, and a glaze in my eye.


Puff puff,  toke…


My day becomes brighter, and the pleasant numb feeling relaxes my soul.

A friend with weed, is a friend indeed.

You’re ass is A-class

The fire is roaring, and my nostril is raw.

You’re reading the newspaper,

and I’m quietly checking out your ass…

I spend a lot of time looking at that ass of yours,

and sometimes,  when you’re bending over in front of me,


I think you know that…