Little Miss Tuffet…


Little Miss Tuffet,

needs to learn when to stuff it…

‘backchatting’ won’t win points from me.

I’m glad that she’s fierce,

It’ll help through her years,

but cheekiness, will earn her no tea…




Rock bottom…

The view from rock bottom is grey,

there’s no difference between nighttime and day.

To get out means digging your way,

Or do nothing, and there you will stay.






Santa Flaws…

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

Christmas equals stress for some

“I want, I want” sucks all the fun

Impossible to please each one

Spent all your cash, now left with none

The price of making Santa come

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum…

Let me go…

My anklet is off.

I’m free, I’m free!

Still, you had to turn my world upside down again.

You had to suck the pleasure right out of my freedom.

You left me with no option.

I had to do what was best for me…

I packed a bag, and skipped town.

For the first time in over a year,

I went away.

I got to breathe the sea air.

I got to relax with someone I trust.

I laughed.  I drank.

I was merry.

It felt good to get away.

It felt good to get home again.

I feel recharged.

I feel peaceful and energetic.

I need you to let me go now.

Energy Thief…

Somebody who drains you,

does soak up your glow

 with ongoing dramas,

everyday the same show.

A face booking saga,

dirty laundry parade

going round in a circle,

soap opera homemade.

White noise…

There’s nothing I detest more, than a guest who ignores my “It’s time for you to go” vibe.

I’m a polite person by nature, I don’t like to hurt feelings, but OMG, sometimes I literally have to bite my tongue to prevent myself from screaming  at said guest to “Fuck off!!”

Tonight it took me two & a half hours to get one particular repeat-offender-overstaying visitor out the door, I even went so far as to blatantly stop listening to her, and buried my nose in my beloved laptop instead.  Still she babbled on – about absolutely nothing of interest either, I might add.  I must strike her as someone who cares about what time her cat came inside yesterday afternoon, or what some random bloke at some random gas station was eating…     Is it my hair?  Or do I sit in a certain “bore-me-to-death” kind of way?

I’m the type of person who can appreciate the art of a comfortable silence, its a precious thing to be able to share.    Tonight I can honestly say that my ears are still ringing from her constant white-noise chatter.

Only a lovely smoke will make me feel better at this stage…ImageOhhh yeah…  My world is peaceful once more.


It’s the end of my day,  I need to relax. . .   I roll myself a smoke & disappear out to my porch-swing.   The moon is full & stars are out in full force – shining like the beloved memories of loved ones, high above the earth.   I light my smoke & have a deep drag on it, blowing it out again, watching the smoke drift towards heaven.  Another drag, & then another. . .   Oh yes, the stress’s from my day are fading away.   I’m smiling over random thoughts that make no sense at all.   I stretch & yawn.  I’ve had enough of my smoke now, it’s time to go back inside & curl up so I can think my peaceful, mellow thoughts alone.   My eyes will close soon, allowing my mind to open up to the worldImage of the sleeping thinkers.