Bloody Mary…

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

how does your nose not grow?42248-All-Lies

It’s fabrications you tell,

plain deceit that you sell…

Truth always comes out,

don’t you know…







The plot thickens…

I spy with my little eye

clues that a friend tells a lie.

My gut loudly shouts

real and reasonable doubts

of the break in at home,

and 1 friends whereabouts…


Energy Thief…

Somebody who drains you,

does soak up your glow

 with ongoing dramas,

everyday the same show.

A face booking saga,

dirty laundry parade

going round in a circle,

soap opera homemade.

Jail bait…


If you lay down with dogs, you’ll wake up with fleas.

My lifestyle attracts lowlifes

like moths to a flame.

They hang around like bad smells,

waiting for a hit

eyes always looking for an earn.

The horse rides these people

they all have a price.

To associate with them

is to be a sitting duck.

Greed fucks everything.

There’s enough to go aroundimages (6)

until someone gets greedy.

It’s all downhill from there.