On the run…

The Angel digs his heels in,

and runs off with his brothers.

Left behind, I do not mind,

This time away from others.

My temper’s blown over.

The air is calm and clear.

When the Angel’s finished running,

he’ll come home,

and I’ll be here.

Yes, today…

Get out of bed


a new day has arrived.

The past has gone,

stand tall and strong,

today must be survived.






Happy Birthday…

Another year older.

Lessons learned.

Bridges burned.

Wisdom earned.


















Time doesn’t heal…

I always miss you my baby.

Years have passed

without your face.

Months have passed

without your voice.

Days pass

without your name.

But I spend not one minute

without missing you.


Home detention…

I only have four sleeps to go.

My anklet comes off in 96 hours.


What a year it’s been!!

The judge gave me a sentence of time.

Time to reflect.

Time to grieve.

Time to accept.

I haven’t gone crazy being stuck at home.

My mind is in a better place than this time last year.

I still cry everyday.

But I’ve begun to live everyday again too.