When a friend tells you something,

it should only be the truth.

Choose her…

She demands he doesn’t visit me

She’s laying down the law

She took off her engagement ring

until we’re friends no more.

I’m feeling guilt to be the cause

though no wrong have I done,

she insists he ends all ties with me

but I’m no threat!

She’s his number one.

The plot thickens…

I spy with my little eye

clues that a friend tells a lie.

My gut loudly shouts

real and reasonable doubts

of the break in at home,

and 1 friends whereabouts…


Trouble maker…

Tushita’s stirring shit again,

she thinks nobody knows.

The manipulating madam,

is gonna reap more than she sow’s.

Her pretty face and soft sweet voice

is all a clever pose,

if she’s being super nice to you

then you’re the target that she chose.

This time her plans will ricochet,

herself, she will expose.

Pride always comes before a fall

Her stirring reign draws to a close.