Once a gain…

Keep me waiting

once again

I’ll take my place in line.

No rush for my sake

once again

priority isn’t mine.

Awkward silence

once again

We’ve got no words to share.

trodden eggshells

once again

constant tension in our air.




One side ride…

A one sided visit

from a one sided man,

with a one sided dinner

as the one sided plan.

One sided business,

then some one sided pleasure,

throw in one sided snoring

for one sided good measure.






Think smart…

And so begins my week of disgrace.

My crime?

Too opinionated.

This is the point where I feel like really

(getting smart)

speaking my opinion.

I guess I’m finally learning

to shut my mouth though.




Piece’s of quiet…

We sit together in silence

and my thumbs start to twiddle

I rack my mind for some chat

but your vibe is a riddle.

What lies between us

creating this wall?

Uncomfortable quiet

gives no clue at all.

The lack of us…

Where is the effort you promised?

Where is the regret you expressed?

Where is the love you declared?


I see nothing that encourages me.

I hear empty words being spoken.

I feel bitterness growing in my heart.


Is this your idea of togetherness?

Am I supposed to settle for less than to be happy?

Should we not let go of what is already gone?

Too big…

You’re a big man.

You’re too big to give me humility

if you’ve hurt me.

You’re too big to say if I’ve offended you.

You save my offence up your big sleeve

until I’m mad with you for something.

You’re too big to understand my point of view.

You’re too big to say you didn’t mean your nasty words.

You’re too big to say you don’t want to lose me.

You’re too big to be wrong.

I’ve always been attracted to big men.


I’m thinking you might be too big.