How did I become his enemy?

A soft word is a thing of the past.

Dislike oozes when he looks at me.

when did I become his enemy?


How did he lose his love for me?

A caring touch no longer comes.

Disinterest rings when he speaks to me.

When did he lose his love for me?


How did he stop wanting me?

We’ve had so many good times.

Now he can’t even look at me.

When did he stop wanting me?

Scare tactics…

You cannot force my love

You won’t keep me with a scare

I don’t respect your anger

I refuse to live in fear.

I can’t be always wrong

You can’t control the way I feel

I won’t surrender to your violence

This time we’re over.

This time, for real.



Think smart…

And so begins my week of disgrace.

My crime?

Too opinionated.

This is the point where I feel like really

(getting smart)

speaking my opinion.

I guess I’m finally learning

to shut my mouth though.




Silence is golden…

I hate it when you’re angry with me.

Nothing I say makes any difference.

Nothing I say is right.

No matter what,

I am wrong.