One side ride…

A one sided visit

from a one sided man,

with a one sided dinner

as the one sided plan.

One sided business,

then some one sided pleasure,

throw in one sided snoring

for one sided good measure.







Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees.creepy

But hindsight is 20/20.

When you think back,

you can always clearly see signs.


Little things.hindsight

Odd things.

Easily ignored things…



One room that always feels cold.

Pets that keep dying,  for no apparent reason.images (7)

Field gems burying themselves in the earth.

A child’s dreams of death and dying.



Those are just a few of the things…



You try so hard not to overthink things.

It all sounds crazy weeping_angel

to your own ears.

So you ignore the goosebumps on your arms.

Choosing rational answers.




And then tragedy strikes…daisies

The same as in her dreams.






Forever leaving you to question

why you didn’t see the signs…






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Burning your bridges…




Events pile up

Angry hearts stack them higher

One word sparks it off…

Emotions on fire


Fool me once, shame on you…

You finally showed your face today.

After I busted you and you stormed out, and then ignored me for a week,

I was abit impressed you had enough balls to come here today.images (6)

Admittedly, it wasn’t a personal visit,  we needed to do some business,

and business matters must always be kept separate from personal ones…

So, how the fuck did we manage to end up in bed then?

It wasn’t even slightly romantic,  just fast, hard sex.

The exact sort of sex I was needing.

I didn’t intend to look you in the eye at all, I even tried to keep mine shut so I wouldn’t,

but at one stage, I opened them, and accidentally looked straight into your eyes,

and what I saw surprised me. . .

You’ve been missing me.

Afterwards I got straight up and started getting dressed, with my cold shoulder facing you.

That’s when you said it…

“I did not fuck her”

I’m quite certain all busted partners say the same thing, so I ignored it and just carried on being cold to you.

You sat up, and gently grabbed my chin, making me look at you

“I said i didn’t fucken fuck her”.

I am not some gullible moron that gets sucked in easily by bullshit,

but I looked at you as you said that – I looked deeply…

And I believed you.

Uh-oh… that means I’m an asshole!

A jealous, suspicious, assuming asshole!

I’m not usually the jealous type though,

and your behavior WAS  a classic example of guilt…

I’m suddenly not sure about what I think I know at all.

I’m glad you’ve gone now because I need to mull this over in my head, on my own.

I believed what you said,  and i know what I know.

I know that facts can be twisted,  I know that shitstirrers exist.

I also know how very much I WANT to believe you.

I’ll think this through at my own pace,  hell, I’ll even investigate this and that if need be.

My lust for you will make me biased, so give me distance until I reach my verdict.


In other words,  don’t call me, I’ll call you…

Sucker for punishment..

I would forgive you,

if you asked me to.images (6)


Being high all day,


and still blue.

The loud silence, 

screaming in the background

of my thoughts.

A forgotten green bottle

luke warm,

in my hand.

Anger still reigns…

Fuck you!!

Mary-Jane arrives

and cheers me up.

I start to breathe,

for the first time

all day.


I fell in love with a slug.

What a mug!

You’re nickname is Thug,images (6)

I thought you were my hug drug.

Now I’m pulling the plug,

Goodbye, cheating bug.

I was in the neighbourhood…

images (6)I sit on a perch in my gilded cage,

thinking cracked thoughts about us.

I’m halfway there, till the end of the year,

when I’ll arrive unannounced, if I must.

I believe you, I believe you not. . .

I sit here alone, blowing smoke rings into the air.  The tv chatters away to itself in the background of my thoughts. . .     My thoughts are of you. . .   I want to believe you. . .   Image