A joint effort…

Solitary smoke

floats aimlessly through the room.

A lazy smile dawdles along behind.

Another puff

clears the air,

and peaceful intentions settle inside.

Sleep patiently hovers

close by.




7 thoughts on “A joint effort…

  1. annabianca2014 says:

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  2. mark says:

    You’re so naughty……. Keep it up.
    Your poetry is developing very nicely indeed.
    Stay High hi hello
    also, I feel it important to say something that perhaps I should have said a while ago but wasn’t sure how to say because I was being chased by happy snowflakes that were intent on distracting me and…… anyway what I’m trying to say in a round about kind of way, whilst being careful not to sound too strange and not wanting to alarm anyone is that I am very determined to become an ice skater dancy thingy and I will win gold medal in the next winter olympics…..
    Also I’m thinking about building a boat, but I feel as though I should concentrate on my skating ice dancing jumpy up and down twirling career… anyway that’s me.
    How are you?


    • Hee hee You are awesome!!!
      Hi, high, howdy, and Kiora to you.
      WoW, I’ve always been fascinated with ice skating stuff!
      The twirly stuff blows my mind – I especially love the way the sequinny leotards sparkle in time to the dancing thing… It’s inspiring to hear about the dream you’re following. I believe you can and will do it. And do you know what? Screw what you “should” be doing, I say to hell with it! Why shouldn’t you build a boat as well?? Hey, why not combine both pleasures, and build a boat out of ice?? WoW! Why the hell not?? Who the frig says it can’t be done? Damn the pessimists who don’t have the guts to do as they please!!
      Ahem… I’m getting slightly carried away I fear – I tend to that sometimes – I am beginning to think about considering the concept of starting to learn not to take things and run so far with them… Apparently it would be beneficial to the nerves of the people around me…
      Anyhoo, I am as good as wood, thank you for asking. It’s swing time for me now – the rafters are calling 🙂 My advice: stop running from the happy snowflakes and dance with them instead.
      Goodnight Sir. and Hi to Mary.


      • mark says:

        Wow, you are awesome too….
        Please don’t worry about getting carried away with things and definitely don’t stop taking things and running with them.
        Your comments reminded me of some quotes by the great poet William Blake that I feel that I must share with you…

        There was a young man of Bengal
        Who went to a fancy dress ball.
        He went just for fun
        Dressed up as a bun,
        And a dog ate him up in the hall.

        Oooopps that’s not William Blake, terribly sorry, I’ll try again.

        There was an old party of Lyme
        Who married three wives at one time.
        When asked: “Why the third?”
        He replied: “One’s absurd,
        And bigamy, sir, is a crime.”

        Dam, it happened again, I do apologise, I feel such a fool. I’ll try one more time…

        “You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.”

        “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”

        “No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.”

        That’s better.


      • There is wisdom in all of those quotes.


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