Shy All day…

Shy all day.
For a puff she will stay,

but her company doesn’t come cheap…

She’s vain,

and she’s shallow,

an athletic bedfellow.

She’s all yours,

til yv only got sleep…



The little things…

It was nice to catch up with some friends.

Dinner and beers.

A few games of darts.

It was nice when the last one left.

Calm and quiet.164529605

Curling up in bed with my Jem.

It’s nice.





The vibe is clear.

Suddenly you’re insincere

I’m sensing an unfriendly air.

I find it hard to persevere,

I feel no longer wanted there.

I’ll pay the dues to make things square,

then quietly I’ll disappear.






There for me…

I can count on your service

when I find myself stranded.

I can rely on your help

when I’m caught out short-handed.

You’re the first one in armour,

proud to fight my defence.

When it comes to my honour,

you will spare no expense.

I’m blessed you’re around,

to guide and advise.

I’m lucky I’m loved

by a person so wise.






Solitary partnership.

That sums up what we’ve got.

One worded conversations

is our exciting lot.

You fall asleep

when we’re alone,

I feel like such a bore.

An hour in my company

sure looks like it’s a chore.

I want to go on picnics

and maybe a beach stroll.

I’d love a simple

board game,

but that’s not how we roll.

A solitary partnership

is the relationship we’ve got.

We sit silently for hours,

and yawn,

more often, than not.





A seething dislike

causes emotions to overflow.

The desire to hurt

replaces reason.

Hands start shaking

from the intensity

of the need to scream,

wound, defeat, crush.

Red hot fury

brings blood

to the boil.

Control is lost.

The hated wins.






The truth’s coming out,

unprepared for the hurt.

mutual secrets and lies,

angry dishing of dirt.

Jealousy sparking a fire,

in the ashes of fraudulent eyes,

hypocritical accusations

rage war against guilty denies.